Windows Estate, Margaret River
Windows Estate wine, Margaret River, WA

Our Farm

We feel very privileged to be on the land that we are on, and see ourselves as custodians of this special piece of Earth, with great land comes great responsibility.

Our farm is situated right on the border of the Yallingup and Wilyabrup sub-regions and has a very specific soil composition that is unique to our property, a result of the two natural springs that rise on the farm. One is the headwaters for the Gunyulgup Valley, and the other flows in the opposite direction to Quininup Falls. Over time the continual movement of water has created a very layered soil structure.

Right across our farm high concentrations of ironstone, quartz and clay are found at differing levels in the subsoil, and there is also a unique ironstone/laterite ridge which runs in a Westerly direction from our property’s centre all the way to its back border. The soil in this ridge is particularly free draining, both due to the ridge’s slope and the amount of rocks present in the ground. The farm is underpinned by a granite bedrock, evidence of which can be found by looking at the large granite boulders in Luc’s block which were removed to make way for a small water catchment area.

Long term sustainability is no less important to us than the quality of every single crop of fruit, not least because we are determined to leave Lucas and Violette one of the finest vineyards in the region when one day the time is right for them to step up and take over our little farm.  

We hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of our work, and we look forward to sharing our story with you as it continues…


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